Friday, April 24, 2009

Joseph is 6

On April 23rd Joseph turned 6 years old!
He wanted a Star Wars birthday party...

His cake was decorated by Nate.

Here is Eveyln, Brooke, Joseph and Tyler.

Brooke and Spencer gave him this cool guy with little men that fit inside.

Evelyn and Freddie gave him a staff from the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Tyler and Natalie gave him this cool inflatable dart board that you shoot Nerf darts at.

Joseph loves the colors blue and black so we decorated the room with black and blue streamers.

Here are the kids eating their "Force fortified food." We served Jedi nuggets, Obi-Mac-Aroni, and fruit sabers with the choice of Yoda soda or Darth soda to drink.

After eating the kids headed outside to clean up the asteroids that had fallen in our backyard!

I thought the Darth Vader pinata we found looked great!

And the kids had fun picking up the candy!

This is Allison Dansie, she is in our ward and also in Joseph's Kindergarten class. Allison gave Joseph this giant coloring pad.

Erika is another girl from his Kindergarten class who came. She gave Joseph this Lego Star Wars set. Joseph loves Legos!

Isaac got to give Joseph the Ben Ten Wii game the family got for his birthday. (It was the one thing he asked for.)

Kate gave Joseph this fun sticker book.

Singing to the cake!

Eli enjoyed the party too!


Heather Walker said...

That little girl, Alison, from your ward, looked just like you Rebecca,when you were little. I had to zoom in to get a better look. How funny! You guys always do such great and creative parties. I hope Joseph had a happy birthday, He sure is cute!

Rebecca said...

we think so too! Isn't that funny! A clone of me and she isn't even mine!