Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a fun time going Trick-or-Treating with the kids.

We had to wear coats because it got a little chilly, but it was still fun.

Ward Halloween Party

Our ward had a Halloween party the day before at the church. They had a ton of carnival games.

Here Kate is doing the beanbag toss...

and the Play-Doh walk...

Joseph doing the Play-Doh walk...

now it's Eli's turn...

Joseph did really well with the doughnut on a string...

This is Savannah, she is one of my young women. I had to take a picture of her costume, she is "Facebook!" You can also see our Bishop and his wife in the background.

I had to get a picture of Cinderella with her Fairy Godmother!

Isaac and Isaac O. doing the doughnuts game...

Nate dressed up as a lumberjack and people actually guessed what he was!

Eli loves balls and did really well with this game.

Joseph got his face painted...

Our friends/neighbors the Hawes came to the party too! It was a very fun night!

Bartlett Family Halloween Party

We had a family Halloween party on the Monday night before Halloween. Joseph and Eli were sick so I stayed home with them while Nate took Isaac and Kate over.

He was nice enough to take some pictures so we could see what the party was like.

Q-tips with ear wax...

Eyeball eggs...

a scary face sticking out his tongue...

mummy hotdogs...

and a spider.

This is Ivan as Winnie the Pooh and his friend Monica as Tigger.

They set up a spook alley downstairs.

What fun!

Touring the new hospital

We took the kids to see the new hospital in Riverton.

This is the room where they do CAT and CT scans.

Nate was explaining to the kids how the machine worked.

They handed out free water bottles and canvas grocery bags. Eli was so cute holding his water.

Kate too...

We got to see a Life Flight Helicopter! It was cool!

We stayed to watch it take off.

Cub Scouts Pack Meeting

Isaac had his first Pack meeting last month. It was fun to see him salute the flag with the other cub scouts.

They had all the new cub scouts do the high five line.

Isaac earned the Kennecott Patch

Kate and Joseph entertained themselves with the camera.

They had a really fun obstacle course that Joseph and Kate got to do too.

Eli just enjoyed walking around and watching all the kids.

He's trying to be like Daddy...

Eli loves his daddy and runs up to him when he comes home from work. He loves to read "bookez" every night with Daddy and loves to sit on his lap when he is working on the computer.

One day he wanted to sit there all by himself and we had to take a picture...

He is so thrilled to be a big boy!

Dance Concert

My sisters and cousins and nieces and I all get together once a week and dance together. Then after we have learned 3 or 4 dances we have a recital. We also have a class for the kids. It's a lot of fun and we are exercising at the same time! This year the recital was in October just before Halloween so one of the dances the kids learned was a dance where they were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes. It was really fun.

Here is Isaac as Sonic the Hedgehog. This is the costume I made for him.

Kate was Cinderella, complete with the black choker necklace.

Eli was supposed to dance in his bumblebee costume but he fell asleep just before the recital began and slept through all the kids' dances! Oh well...

Joseph was a Captain Rex from Star Wars.