Saturday, March 6, 2010

Classic Fun Center

Grandma Bartlett took the grandkids to Classic Fun Center for some bouncing and skating.

Here is Serenity looking sweet.

Nate came and decided to rent some rollerblades. After that he went into "the blast zone" and thoroughly enjoyed pelting little kids with Nerf balls. Later he took the bigger kids to play laser tag. His character was Chuck Norris and he was quite pleased with himself when he got the highest score!

Isaac, Abram and Joseph liked playing in the "Jungle"

Ben was really cute and not afraid to try all of the bounce houses.

Even Colleen and Lydia got in on the fun.

Pretty Kate!

Cameron looked so funny down in this hole!

Here is Ben jumping with excitement!

Kate and Cameron

I was surprised Kate went down the big slides at all. Once she tried it, she had a blast.

Thanks for the fun night!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

He's a Wolf!

At the Blue and Gold banquet last month Isaac received his Wolf.

I bought this cool ribbon to wear so he doesn't have to pin my shirt.

He chose the "round of applause" for his cheer.

After this I was called to be the Wolf Den leader.