Friday, December 25, 2009

Some Christmas Activities

Here are some of the things we did to celebrate Christmas this year.

We took the TRAX train downtown to see the lights at Temple Square.

Cute Isaac

My two crazy boys

Mary and Joseph in the nativity story

all bundled up

Daddy and the kids

The famous, beautiful red tree!

Our dolly

Sweet Eli smiling and wearing his "glubs" (gloves)

This year these statues were sitting in the reflection pool. It looked very cool.

What a pretty picture

a view of the luminaries

standing on the slippery pedestal in front of the temple!

standing by the grove of orange trees, they were so pretty.

We went indoors to thaw out and see the Christus statue.

Going back home on the train

Isaac made this candy train at school.

Random pictures and Santa!

Little Eli is so cute with toys. He gets attached to one or another and carries it everywhere!

extreme close-up!

Kate and her cousin, Serenity playing dress-up. Notice how much taller Kate is...:)

Little Eli fighting with all his might to get off of Santa's lap. After that night he kept saying,"Santa... scary."

Big Isaac is not scared anymore.

Miss Herriman had to move Kate's hands so they wouldn't be in front of her face. She was kinda nervous.

Joseph was not afraid to tell Santa his name.

Even uncle Jarom went to see Santa!

Eli was giving his doggie an upside down piggyback ride.

so sweet!

First Haircut!

At 22 months it was time to give little E his first haircut. I had put it off and put it off because he had these cute little curls on the back of his head and it took so long to grow any hair in the first place! Finally I realized it was time to cut it off.

Here he is totally unaware of what is about to happen...

See his lovely locks! I had at least one person who thought he was a girl...

Mommy, what are you doing with those scissors?

all done! It was not a perfect job, but somebody had to do it. It has grown out a little since then and now he has some curls that flip out just over his ears! It's so cute!


We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Bartletts this year.

Here is Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett

Eli just hanging out...

Monica, Ivan's girlfriend, and her beautiful arrangement of crackers.

and Ivan's...

The vegetable tray...

The turkey...

Colleen's stuffing...

our mashed potatoes...

and the most delicious sweet potatoes you will ever eat!

The cranberry apple pie that Ryan and Mary Joyce made...

their pecan pie too...

coconut cream...

and lemon meringue...

Nate and I were in the middle of our weight loss competition when Thanksgiving came around but we still had to eat some of these pies and the other yummy things at our Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks for a great day, Bartletts!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joseph's Christmas Story

by Joseph

Rudolph was ready to
help Santa when a
Snowmonster ate Santa!!!
then Rudolph had to
fite the Snowmonster
but the Snowmonster
was to big. so Rudolph
called the uthr raendeers
and Elvs. then the
raendeers and Elvs
kiled the Snowmonster
when thae took
Santa out of
The Snowmonster
Santa was ded