Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Our big son Isaac turned 8 on the 21st! It's hard to believe time has gone by so fast!

He brought this sign home from school.

We went to Chili's for dinner that night because it was spirit week and Chili's gave 10% of their sales to the school.

We let the kids order their own meals, they did a great job. (only the boys actually talked to the waitress, Kate just pointed to what she wanted. Hey, it's a start...)

Isaac took this picture, I say it's pretty good.

Isaac is now in Cub Scouts so he got a neckerchief, slide, shirt, book and belt as presents.

He was probably most excited about getting Z strap shoes! We made him wear lace-ups so he would learn to tie his shoes. Now that he has learned, he gets the shoes he really wanted.

Isaac is so excited for Cub Scouts...can you tell?

We also gave him a pocket knife that used to be Nate's. Here he is using it to open a box.

I think here he is trying to fake some excitment about our gag gift of some extension cords!

Isaac decorated his own cake this year. It says, "Isaac's 8 (th) birthday."

All the kids posing together.

One of the reasons Isaac couldn't wait to be 8 was because he gets to be baptised! It's coming up on Saturday, 10/10 at 10am! The day after his birthday Joseph said all concerned, "Mom, Isaac didn't get baptised!" I explained that it was ok and that the baptism date was coming soon!

Kate Bartlett

My little girl can be such a sweet princess sometimes and other times...well you know...

Here are some pictures of her good times:

Riding on a pony...

wearing the flowers mom made her at RS...

and showing off her cheesy grin!

I love you Kate!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I got a lot of fruit from my mom and dad this year so I had a lot of things to can.


to make plum syrup...

to can...


for Peach jam...

and grapes...

for grape juice. YUM!

Eli Wayne Bartlett

I love this boy and his many expressions!

Here he is at Chili's being silly!

Nate found Eli this way when he was watching the kids. Who knows how he got in there!

Aren't those beautiful eyes?

Here is a close up of his black eye. :(

Here is his eyebrow smile! I love it!