Friday, July 11, 2008

Swimming lessons

I decided this summer, it was time to put the 3 kids in swimming lessons. The first day they weren't quite sure they wanted to swim without their life jackets, but they have all really enjoyed it! Here are some videos to show you how they are doing.

This is Joseph and then Isaac

This one is Joseph

And here is Kate

Sorry about my talking and comments in the background. ;)


Here in the Bartlett house some of us are losing teeth, some are growing teeth and some are trying to pay for the work that was done on their teeth! And Nate is glad he has never had a cavity! It's just not fair! ;)

Here is Isaac. He lost his first tooth while he was at school in his Kindergarten class.

Here is Joseph showing off the hole from his 3rd lost tooth and he is only 5 years old.

Now Eli has 2 teeth! They came in at the same time when he was just 4 months old! Joseph was only 3 months when he got his first tooth, so I guess I should be glad Eli waited this long.

Watch out, here come those teeth.