Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Grand America Hotel

Warning: this post will be long, I had so many pictures I wanted to share!

On the second weekend in November we took the kids to stay at the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake.

This was our room, it had a kitchen with a full fridge and microwave, etc. and a washer and dryer too.

The kids soon found something to do.

What strong legs he must have to lift all those pounds!

Kate eating her mashed potatoes

Joseph eating his pizza and Isaac ready to eat his hamburger

We wanted to show off Eli with these goggles. He made us laugh so hard!

We took the kids to see the Utah State Capital

Nate found his look-a-like

a view of the ceiling

The capital was beautiful at night

Eli liked the elevators at the hotel

Kate did too

4 little monkeys, sitting on the bed!

The food was really good and we had room service for all our meals.
Nate's dessert

Kate's food

Nate's dinner-chicken fettichinni alfredo

Isaac's mac and cheese

Joseph's hamburger

We went to Taffy Town and bought a bunch of yummy taffy.

We hiked up to the U on the mountain

U of U

This is the view from way up there!

It was very steep climbing up the side of the U. The kids were scared and Kate keep freaking out and freezing in place. I was nervous too but knew we couldn't stop climbing or we would slide all the way down! This is our picture showing the kids crying because they were afraid we would never get back down.

We made it down the mountain without any falling, just some dirt on our pants from going down the steep hill sitting down.

After that we took the kids to Memory Grove.

This is Eli's pose. I love it!

Joseph and Dad arm wrestling at Memory Grove

Kate kept raising her arms above her head for the pictures and I couldn't figure out why. Then I noticed that she was making a heart above her head!

Cute Eli!

Our little princess

Later that day we took the kids to the Church History Museum just west of Temple Square. They had a new section especially for kids.
Here is Kate creating a stain glass window.

and the boys building temples...nice tongue Eli...

Kate sitting on the wooden pews that are examples of the ones in the Tabernacle

"And now Elder Eli W. Bartlett will speak to us..."

Isaac's turn...with Joseph's smile and Kate peaking up too

We walked around the courtyard at the hotel and found these deer.

I just love Kate's head in this one!!

Eli waiting to eat his breakfast. (the first night at the hotel Eli was really cranky and hardly slept at all. I took him into the Dr. the next day and He had a bad ear infection, ready to burst! We got him on some medicine and he was much happier! ) Poor little guy!

What a spread!

Mom's eggs, hashbrowns and chicken apple sausage

Dad's fresh salmon with capers and cream cheese eaten on top of a bagel

Isaac ordered strawberry crepes

We got these chocolate crepes too...shhh! don't tell...

Just look at those perfectly round pancakes!

Earning his Bobcat

Isaac earned his bobcat award!

Joseph and Dad

Isaac is the one in the middle.