Friday, June 24, 2011

October 2010

After our 5th baby was born, our month ended with Halloween festivities.

We got to go to Nate's work and trick or treat through the offices.

these were the kids' pumpkins. Kate wanted a cat pumpkin to match her costume.

this is the cat she painted all by herself!

Joseph had the skull pumpkin and Isaac painted the face in the background and carved the I and I pumpkin which stands for himself and his friend Isaac.

Here is a picture of our little chili pepper!

Isaac dressed up as a mad scientist!

He got the lab coat for his birthday and we had his name embroidered on it. Isaac loves science and doing experiments and says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up.

Joseph dressed up as a zombie football player!

Joseph loved wearing the cool makeup Nate did for him and thought it was cool to be so scary for Halloween!

Kate dressed up as a black cat!

We borrowed the ears from my sister-in-law Christine and the tail was something we got from my mother-in-law. Kate made a very cute black cat!

Here is great grandpa Bartlett at our family party! He looks so cool!

Everyone was in the Halloween mood except for Eli! He refused to wear any of the costume ideas I presented to him so finally I got him to wear his camoflauge shirt and green pants to be an army guy! I think part of the problem was he was so tired. As you can see he feel asleep like this at a Halloween party! Silly kid!

Colleen and Felicity, Me and Hyrum and MJ and Mack!

Nate performed in the Monster Mash with his A Capella group and dressed up as Wolf Man.

a black cat, a chili pepper a zombie mother (sleep deprived with a newborn) and a zombie football player.

and the best reward we got back in October...

our sweet and patient baby Hyrum who is the leader of the patch!