Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to School

Yesterday was the first day of school!

Isaac is starting 3rd grade, Joseph 2nd, Kate is 5 so she is starting Kindergarten and Eli was trying to make a 2 in this picture.

Big kid Isaac's teacher is Miss Sorenson.

Handsome Joseph's teacher is Mrs. Robert.

Kate is making a K in sign language and has Mrs. Black. (P.S. do you like the outfit she picked out?) I really need to teach her about matching! ;)

Eli wanted to wear his backpack like the other kids and finally made a 2!

Isaac is in the same class as Isaac Oliphant!

Cute Joseph waiting to go inside.

Kate had her assessment and did really well. I was just glad she actually spoke to the teacher!

This is what her teacher gave her when she was all done.

Cub Scout Day Camp

This summer Isaac got to go to Scout Camp.

He was very excited!

He went up two days. The first day was Fort Cub Frontier and the second day was Galaxy Quest. I drove the boys up on the second day and this is what the Galaxy Headquarters looked like.

We had 18 bears and wolves come.

They were a very lively group!

All of the boys came home very, very dirty both days and went straight into the bathtub!