Monday, April 25, 2011

Introducing: Hyrum David Bartlett

I went to my OB appointment on Friday, October 15th and my Dr. said I was ready to go to the hospital! We checked in at 1:30pm, they started my IV at 2:15 and then the pitocin at 2:40. I was hoping to have a VBAC delivery so that meant I was only allowed a very small dose of pitocin to get me started since the baby was not getting things started on his own and he was 3 days late.

Nate was trying to entertain himself while I was reading my Percy Jackson book...

At 3:55 Dr. Moreland broke my water and my epidural was started at 4:10. I don't think it worked though, because my pains were not going away! The Dr. who gave me the epidural kept asking me if it was working and I kept saying I wasn't sure. He kept giving me higher doses but it never did help. At one point my head felt fuzzy and I couldn't hear him talking very well. That went away, thank goodness but I started to panic at 5:00 when my contractions were 2 minutes apart and I was entering transition. After checking, the nurse confirmed it was time to push. I started pushing at 5:30 and Hyrum was born at 5:42pm by VBAC! I am sooo grateful that part went fast because it was my first time going natural! (I am amazed at all of the women who give birth without epidurals every time! I think once is about enough for me!) I am also so grateful that there was not any complications, that I did not have to have a C-section and that the baby was healthy!

Here I am so relieved the labor is over!

and here is Nate, the proud father of 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl!

I love this one of him looking at the baby.

he's saying hello!

Mommy and Baby meet!

What a beautiful baby boy!

He looks so peaceful and calm

Hyrum weighed 8 lb. 6 oz. and was 21 in. long

He did not like his first bath!

Our wonderful friends the Oliphants, took care of our kids while we were in labor and then Nate went home to get them and bring them to see the baby about 8pm.

They were thrilled to be there!

Eli was not as he is hanging onto my arm.

Big brother Isaac (9 years old)

another big brother, Joseph (7 years old)

big sister Kate (5 years old)

and Eli (2 1/2 years old) didn't want to hold him but would sit on my bed for a group picture!