Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick update

Rebecca took Eli in to our pediatrician for a blood test yesterday to see how he was doing. The petechiae have all disappeared and nearly all of his bruises have faded. Even his black eye is hardly visible! Today, the pediatrician called back with the results: 188,000! Normal platelet level is above 150,000, so he's doing great.

The next step is to taper off his steroid. We'll start doing that in a couple of days and hopefully everything will go well.

Thanks again to all the support and prayers that were offered on Eli's behalf. We really appreciate it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice Skating with the Young Women!

The first week in January we took the Young Women ice skating. It was cold, but fun. (It's a good thing we brought hot chocolate!)

Megan, Sam and Britany

Taylar, Meghan and Amy. These three did not skate but we were glad they came and had a fun time anyway.

The South Jordan library has a fountain just outside it that they freeze in the winter and open for ice skating. They also have The Pie pizzeria right there so we had to buy a giant pizza to share with all the girls.

Shaylee and the friend she brought.

Savannah and the friend she brought.

Madison, Kayla and Kailee.

and last, but not least, two of my amazing fellow leaders. (Lindsay was there too but sat in the car with her little baby)

Richardson's Caricatures

Back in December we went to the mall to see my uncle Owen. He draws caricatures so we wanted him to do one for each of us.

He asked the boys what they wanted to be doing in their pictures and Isaac chose flying without a parachute and Joseph chose to be a Jedi Knight.

Kate wanted to be a princess. (not a surprise)

and Eli loves balls so he was a basketball player.

He even did one of Nate and me! What do you think? Does it look like us?

I love the pictures and the kids do too!
Thanks Owen!

Happy New Year

We had a relaxing New Year's Eve before all the craziness with Eli.

We went to Target for their after Christmas sale and found some fun things. One of them was this pretty tree marked down from $249.00 to $60.00 that we just had to get! (When we got home Nate wanted to set it up to see how it looked, that's why it's in the middle of the family room.)

Then we went over to the Holt's (our neighbors) for a little party and the Hansen's came too.

Nicky and Coulsen were having fun playing the Wii...

and I was tempted to try the chocolate fountain.

As you can see, Kate enjoyed the chocolate fountain!

Eli had fun too.

Kate and Eli doing puzzles with Emily.

Amanda and Isaac playing with Amanda's guitars.

Nate had a little too much fun with the sparkling cider!

We played one of our favorite games: Compatibility, as well as Catch Phrase and Fact or Crap. (excuse me)

and Joseph was so tired by the time midnight came around that he fell asleep on the couch!