Friday, April 24, 2009

April Fools!

For April Fools day I had fun trying to think of some tricks to play on my family.

This is how I set the table for dinner that night.

Unfortunately, my kids were not willing to play along, and were not very good sports...

Joseph refused to eat anything I put before him.

Kate wouldn't either.

Here is the meatloaf cake I made for dinner. It's covered in mashed potato frosting and garnished with cherry tomatoes on top.

Here is a peek to how it looked inside. The kids LOVE meatloaf but wouldn't touch this kind!

This was our dirt and worm pie for dessert!

I also served "juice" which was really water with red food coloring and served "water" which was really invisible kool-aid. I had fun playing pranks even if my kids didn't enjoy it!?


Mrs Nancy said...

I like your ideas, I will have to remember them for next year!

Cammie said...

Those are some good ideas! You went all out, the meatloaf is amazing. At least you had fun, even if your kids didn't!

Jade said...

Cute ideas! I love it. You're such a fun mom.