Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our favorite shows

I read on Marci's blog about how she loves fall because the new seasons start to all her favorite TV shows. I think Nate and I have to agree on this one. The shows we enjoy watching are:

1. American Idol (although I don't like thinking that we worship these people, so sometimes we call it the singing show)
2. Monk (I see some of my own quirks in Adrian Monk)
3. Chuck (his best friend Morgan, cracks me up)
4. 24 (I delayed starting on this series, but now we can't watch them fast enough)
5. Psyche (these two guys are so goofy and immature it's funny)
6. The Office (Michael Scott really bugs me along with a few others, but I like Jim and Pam)
7. and our favorite...Lost (This has to be our all time favorite show and we wish it started in the fall, we have to wait until the end of January for this one!)

We also used to like to watch:

1. Alias (until it started having dumb episodes and then got canceled)
2. Smallville (we watch it sometimes, but make fun of it the whole time)
3. Heroes (we liked it, and started watching this season, but I couldn't handle it anymore)
4. Fringe (this one we really wanted to like, but I think all the weird stuff got to be too much)

So there you have it! Tell us which TV shows you enjoy watching.

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