Sunday, May 20, 2012

February 2012

Eli had his 4th birthday in February and we celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa Bentley's house a few days before.

We made a cake for Natalie Newbold too because her birthday was close to Eli's.
I think Grandpa Bentley enjoyed the cake!
 on the 7th, his actual birthday we opened presents with our "little" family.
I love the head tilt this kid does!
Hyrum likes doing our tradition with the presents.
Eli got a new coat for his birthday.
 Eli saw this coloring book at Target and said he wanted it for his birthday. :)
the kids had Eli close his eyes for this one because we couldn't wrap it.
in February Joseph did his biography book report. He did it on Orville Wright, one of the Wright brothers. He had to dress up as his character and give the report as if he was Orville Wright. He did a good job!
This is Eli's birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett and Jarom.
on Valentine's day the doorbell rang before the kids had left for school and they each got a valentine from Grandma and Grandpa!
We had a lot of flowers for Valentine's day! Nate gave me the bouquet on the left, I bought the one on the right for him and the kids to share and the rose in the middle was from...I can't remember what it was from! Oops!
I loved the bright colors.
 These flowers lasted so long, it was great!
 Eli got a puzzle for his birthday and Daddy helped him put it together one night while he was watching the kids for me.

More cake for Eli! We got together with the Bartlett's for birthdays too.

In February, Joseph earned his Wolf badge!
 Great job Joseph!

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