Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello, Dolly!

Herriman has produced the summer musical Hello, Dolly and it's running this weekend.
Nate has really enjoyed learning the dances and songs. The whole cast has worked really hard!
Here are a few pictures to give you a taste...

Our friend, Julie Reed plays Irene Malloy.

Dolly and Horace

They start the show like they do in the movie with everyone frozen in place.

Nate and some of the men singing about the benefits of having a woman in their life! ;)

The parade scene. Nate is a circus performer who juggles.

At the end of the play Nate portrays the judge.

They had a family preview night as a practice for the cast and to make it easier for the families to see the show. I brought the kids to see the play and I think they enjoyed it, especially the treats we got during the intermission. It was good because they got to see Daddy and we didn't have to pay for their tickets.

We have three more shows before it's gone for good. If you want to come and see it for yourself hop onto and buy your tickets, or get them at the door.

We hope to see you there!


Sushi-Mama said...

I love that musical! Nate must have a lot of energy! I envy him.

Rebecca said...

Well, you should come and see the show then, Julie! It would be great to see you! :)