Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation from "friendly preschool"

This year Kate attended two preschools. One with her cousins where my sisters and I take turns teaching and one with some friends in the ward and neighborhood. To not get the two preschools confused she named the one with friends, "friendly preschool."

The last week of April we had our graduation. Kate was feeling shy that day so this is all the kids minus Kate, singing one of the songs they learned.

Ruel, Ellie, Jacob, Bryson, Willis, Mom, Eli and Kate. (She would only be in the picture if I stood with her.) Jacob and Eli were the younger siblings, the class had 5 kids. I think this preschool was a good experience for Kate because she had to go to class by herself. It will be good practice for Kindergarten next year.

the kids being silly.

Kate with Miss Donna and her graduation diploma.

Donna, Alicia, NiCole, and Shelley, thanks for the fun time!

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