Friday, February 19, 2010

Utah Gymnastics

They boys brought home from school a free coupon to take the whole family to watch a meet of the gymnastics team up at the U of U. We decided to take the kids as an off track activity. The day we picked to go happened to be a free day to ride TRAX.



Eli with Daddy

Mommy and Kate

We stopped at Chili's first to have some dinner.

Eli enjoyed the chips and salsa and didn't seem to mind they were spicy!

This was the restaurant Nate and I went to on our first official date!

Here are my boys drinking water and chocolate milk at the same time! Weird.

Eli told daddy to put his hood on, so the two of them matched and then said, "Take a picture mommy!"

Isaac and Joseph had a fun time dancing to the music at the meet.

We brought our binoculars and the kids had fun watching the girls do their tricks. Once they saw the cotton candy man they couldn't rest until we bought some. Eli tasted a little and would have nothing to do with the stuff! We rode the train back to our car and drove home. It was a nice night.

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Christine Peterson said...

How fun! I remember doing that once as a kid and I thought it was amazing. Great memories.