Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Eli!

Sunday was Eli's birthday. He has now officially entered the terrible two's!

Here we are getting ready to open presents.

Eli likes playing with Play Doh in nursery so we got him his own set.

See how thrilled he looks? :)

He also got this fridge ABC set.

Eli has started asking to sit on the potty and actually had some success, so we gave him some underwear! He is doing this a lot earlier than all three of my others!

Eli likes Elmo so I made these cupcakes for preschool.

He was very pleased with them.

Happy birthday, big boy! We love you soooo much!


Nate said...

Eli had just woken up from a nap Sunday night when we gave him his presents. That's why he looks so bedraggled... :)

Crystal said...

I can't believe he's two. They grow up so fast. Rebecca, those cupcakes are so cute!

Kris and Kelli said...

Wow, what a big guy. He's amazing if he's already using the potty a little. Kyson is almost 3 and it's not really working yet. I can't believe he's in preschool. Kyson doesn't start until the fall. Happy Birthday Eli.

Sushi-Mama said...

Love, love, love the cupcakes! The nose is perfect. You are so talented, Rebecca! I made an Elmo cake a few years back and it was such a flop. We will look for you guys at the MS walk in April. We're having a big garage sale to raise money. Our garage is already full!

Christine Peterson said...

Those cupcakes are adorable. I love Eli's squishable Cheeks, so cute.

Jade said...

I can't believe he's already 2! Nice job on the cupcakes!!!