Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick update

Rebecca took Eli in to our pediatrician for a blood test yesterday to see how he was doing. The petechiae have all disappeared and nearly all of his bruises have faded. Even his black eye is hardly visible! Today, the pediatrician called back with the results: 188,000! Normal platelet level is above 150,000, so he's doing great.

The next step is to taper off his steroid. We'll start doing that in a couple of days and hopefully everything will go well.

Thanks again to all the support and prayers that were offered on Eli's behalf. We really appreciate it!


Jade said...

I'm so glad he's doing better. Looks like you've been having a lot of fun:) I love the pics of the YW, cute girls!

Mrs Nancy said...

I'm glad he is feeling better.