Friday, August 14, 2009

Kate turned 4

I just realized that I forgot to post about Kate's birthday back in May! How terrible is that!

Kate loves cats, so we got her this collection.

She is beef jerky trapped, as my boys would say.

We gave Kate a princess CD player, a.k.a. mom's old CD player with princess stickers decorating it, but don't tell her.

I love this one of the two of us!

She wanted a My Little Pony cake.

Just look at those lips, and all those who are trying to help her blow out her candles.

Kate got an Ariel swimming suit that came with a cute cover up dress...

...and a giant My Little Pony! I think her face says it all!


Jade said...

I love that look on Kate's face with the pony...priceless! She's getting so big!

Mrs Nancy said...

She's a cutie! Looks like she had a fun birthday!