Monday, July 27, 2009

Girls' Camp 2009

In July our ward took the Young Women up to Girls' Camp! We used the property that the Barne's family owns and had a nice time.

I was able to join them for one whole day with Adrienne Syme and Julie Rowe.

This is what the beautiful cliffs looked like!

This is what I found the girls doing when we arrived...certification!
You can see Kayla, Shelli (our assistant camp director), Madison, Kailee, Danielle and Shaylee.


Valerie (our camp director) and Sierra!

Pam (our Secretary) and Caitlyn!


Amy with Mikelyn in the background! Shhh! ;)


Julie (our Mia maid advisor) and Amy making potato salad.

Some of the Youth Leaders making a back scratching train.

Valerie going down the river.

Dave and a couple of the girls going down the river.

Another shot of the beautiful cliffs above our camp!

Here is a view of the cabin that is on the property, the girls didn't sleep in it though.
Waiting in line to eat our yummy dutch oven dinner.

I like this picture of the cliffs peaking out above the trees.

They all can't wait for next year!


Jade said...

Looks like fun. What cute girls.

Cammie said...

Glad everything worked out for you guys this year!