Monday, June 8, 2009

We have flowers and plants!

Ever since we moved into our home, I have wanted to plant some flowers. However, I seem to have a black thumb and kill everything I plant. Well, finally that seems to not be the case anymore!

We have daffodils and tulips!

It's so fun to see some color!

This is the only remaining piece of ground cover Nate got me about three years ago. Hopefully it will continue to grow and spread. It has really pretty purple flowers.

My dad came out about two years ago and planted some grapevines for us. They are the "Black Monukka" variety.

More grapevines. (they are a lot bigger now, and you can see tiny grapes growing on it!)

This is a lamb's ear start that Nate's parents gave us about 4 years ago. It is awesome and has just grown so much this year, I had to split it up!

This is a ground cover I got from my sister, Julia. It is really pretty too with my favorite purple flowers.

Here you can see one of the transplants from the "lamb's ear."

We got some strawberry plant starts from Nate's dad. I hope they survive. If not, we will get some more next year and try again. We also have a tiny garden spot where we planted cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins. So far the plants have come up, I just hope they survive me!


Jade said...

Looking good! I saw you guys out working in the yard the other day. It looks really nice!

Cammie said...

Nice work! I've heard that our old yard doesn't look so hot anymore. Sad. Our new yard, is still just a dirt hole!