Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Nate!

On Mother's Day the Primary kids sang a mother's day song and the ward gave all the women a big chocolate bar. Nate and the kids made dinner. We had Rosemary Chicken!

For Father's day the Primary kids sang a father's day song and the ward gave all the men a can of Dad's Rootbeer. We had BBQ meatballs with rice for dinner.

Kate made a paper tie for Nate to wear and brought home the following poem she worked on in Sunbeams:
My Dad

My dad likes to make: computers
My dad always says: will you play with me
My dad is funny when he: teaches me tricks
I love you dad because: he plays Smash Brothers! :)

She got it just about right!

I love you Nate and hope you know that you are a wonderful father and husband!

Happy Father's Day!

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