Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'll do it tomorrow...

I guess I am officially a procrastinator because I have put off blogging for so long! It's time to catch up. So much has happened, lets see...Eli started walking somewhere between his birthday and his 13 month old mark. He is doing so well! He has even mastered standing up in the middle of the floor without holding on to anything! (That was the hardest part for him). Kate is nearing her 4th birthday and is really getting her own opinion and attitude about everything! Joseph has been writing little books in his kindergarten class that the teacher calls "blue books." They get to write their own book about whatever they want, and then they take it to school. On their day, they get to sit in the "author's chair" and read their book for the class. Joseph has written three books so far and has really enjoyed it. Isaac is excited to be nearing the end of the school year! He loves his friends and eating school lunch and thinks he is all grown up, being a first grader! I am enjoying working in the Young Women's program and reading the Twilight books. I am on the 4th one! Nate has been singing in the Herriman Community Chorus and keeps busy on Sundays as the ward financial clerk. We have been fighting off sickness these last two weeks as each of us has had our turn to be sick! So, that's all for now, I hope to post some videos of our little guy walking as soon as I can!

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