Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Carnival

Our ward had a Halloween Carnival on Friday

Here is Kate as Tinkerbell and Skyler Escue as Snow White

Here is Nate as Abraham Lincoln and Eli

Joseph as Iron Man eating chips with Kate

Rebecca as Cleopatra holding our little lion. Nate was calling him "E-lion"

Isaac was at the party too, dressed as a knight, but he was running around with his friends the whole time that we didn't get a picture of him, maybe we will get one on Halloween.


Mrs Nancy said...

What cute costumes! It looks like a fun party!

Natalie said...

How cute! everyones all dressed up! You are beautiful!

Angie Bentley said...

Your kids are adorable! Thanks for leaving comments on our blog! I love yours. The little age charts are so cute. You look so pretty in all the pictures. It sure is fun to see everyone in photos since we live so far away. Take care!

RaQuelle Willey said...

You look SO PRETTY in your costume, love it!