Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crawling, Coloring, Swimming, Wii games, and Everything else!

Eli is crawling! He began about 2 weeks ago and is doing really well. Now he is pulling himself up to a stand! I would like him to crawl for at least 4 months, but he just doesn't seem to want to wait that long! We have noticed that he doesn't like riding in the car anymore. We think it might be because he knows he can get around now and hates being strapped in, unable to move as he pleases.
Kate is healing up from her stitches and hopefully won't end up with an awful scar. Kate has developed a love of coloring, where she will sit or stand for quite sometime while she colors in her coloring books. Her coloring is usually all in one color, but it is done very neatly and carefully.
Joseph and Isaac are off track from school, so I put all three kids in swimming lessons to give them something to do during the day. I am also trying to get them to work on projects for the Reflections contest. They can enter as many categories as they want, so we are going to try to do a bunch of things.
Nate is having fun playing MarioKart on the Wii and the kids enjoy watching him play it.
I am trying to keep up on the housework, following my crawler around and planning Young Women in Excellence among everything else!
So, how are you doing? :)

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roamingjones said...

No fair! Eli can't be crawling. :p Evan will get there...eventually.