Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Starting Kindergarten!

Joseph had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday, Aug. 5th!

Here he is ready to go!

Posing by the front door with Kate (notice her face!)

Now he has arrived at school. Hooray!

Playing on the Kindergarten playground.

You can't read it, but the card says:
"The first day of kindergarten was a piece of cake!"
His teacher taped a hostess cupcake to the card.

Joseph's teacher is Mrs. Gaisford and she is really nice!
Joseph really enjoyed his first day of school!
We are so glad!


Brenna said...

Mrs. Gaisford is a wonderful teacher. Thank you for the comment on our blog. I hope Isaac is having fun in 1st grade! Tell him I said "hi"

Christine Peterson said...

Wow!! I can't believe Joseph is in school. You guys start really early. We don't start until after Labor Day. My AJ will be going into Kindergarten, crazy!

Mrs Nancy said...

That is so cute that your boys are so excited for school! It looks like they had a lot of fun the first day of school!

Colleen said...

I can't believe he is old enough for kindergarten already! Ben will be starting preschool this year. Next month, I think.

Natalie said...

Your kids are getting so big! That's crazy...that will be weird when Alyssa starts school!

Evie B said...

rebecca, I HAD YOUR GIRLS!!!!!! I love them so much! i had meghan and avery!!! oh man it was such a good week!!!! ps you're an amazing influence in their life they talked all about you they love you lady!!! as do i!!!