Monday, August 18, 2008

Kate's new 'do

We're pretty pleased at how Kate's hair turned out. The stylist decided that we could probably blend it in with a short bob by parting it on the other side. She did a great job of blending the rough cut that Isaac made so that it looks more natural.

Kate seems to like the new style!

If you look carefully, you can tell that some of the hair is shorter, but it really does blend in fairly well. In natural light it looks even better than it does here with the flash.


RaQuelle Willey said...

She is such a doll! You can hardly tell her brother tried to be the barber.

Mrs Nancy said...

She looks so cute with her new hair do!

MJ said...

Her hair looks adorable!

Christine Peterson said...

I love the new hair-do! It's really cute! I think little bobs are so cute on little girls. She is a doll.