Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Trip to Sun Valley!

We took the kids up to Sun Valley, Idaho for our family vacation this year. They were pretty good riding in the car and loved swimming in the hotel's heated pool. Sinclair owns Sun Valley so they paid for our food and activities while were were up there.

The kids in our nice hotel room(s). We had three bedrooms all hooked together in our apartment suite!

The kids and me next to a cool airplane at the Hill Aerospace museum! (We stopped there on our way up to Idaho.)

Nate and the kids by an old Air Force One airplane.

Here's Eli enjoying hotel life!

Eli liked being carried around like this while walking around Sun Valley.

The mountains were beautiful up there!

Here are "the 4 boys" taking a walk!

Here's Kate at the beginning of our walk...

And here is Kate at the end of our walk!

Nate swimming with Kate on his back!

Rebecca and the 4 water babies!

What a pretty dolly!

The boys being silly with the shower caps they found!

We had a great time, but were glad to come back home. Thanks Daddy for having such a great job!

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